Walden University Online Degree Programs – Highly Regarded for Online Learning

The Walden University online degree programs fulfil their stated mission is to provide the highest quality distance learning available anywhere.   Given what we’ve seen elsewhere this comes as a pleasant change!

Programs are designed for the working professional, offering flexible learning options for those who want to use education to further their careers.

Why is Walden considered a top alternative for online learning?  Let’s see.

Online Accounting Degree Curriculum at Walden University

Walden students interested in accounting can earn a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree with a strong foundation in accounting theory.  The program balances this theory with practical insight into accounting’s role in broader business issues.

Interested in graduate level accounting?  Walden offers a complete Master of Science in Accounting Degree as a part of its online program.  As a student in this program, you’ll cover relevant and timely subjects including recent regulatory decisions made by the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commissions and developing topics and trends in business.

An emphasis on social justice is one of the foundational principles at Walden University.  As a result, the accounting programs at Walden train students to evaluate the social impact of business and financial decisions.  This focus sets Walden apart from other online accounting degree programs.

High Praise for Integrity and Academic Quality

Like many other regional or online colleges and universities, Walden University is not ranked by U.S. News.  Unranked status is not a negative, however.  U.S. News and World Report is complimentary to Walden, referring to the university as “well regarded” among similar schools.

Walden University is not plagued by the accreditation issues other for-profit universities face.  Walden has been regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1990 without incident.  

In 2013, Walden’s accredited status was renewed.  The HLC review stated that Walden “operate(s) with the utmost integrity” and “clearly embrace(s) our unique mission of effecting positive social change through innovative and purposeful academic programs.”

These comments amount to high praise, considering the issues faced by other for-profit universities.

“Do it Alone” Job Placement

Walden University is pretty open about its views on job placement.  Rather than provide job placement services to a large and geographically diverse student population, Walden feels its role is “to support our learners in proactive career management.”

What does this mean for students and alumni?  Walden’s placement assistance is technology based and largely self-service.  Walden offers:

  • A website featuring job opportunities and professional associations

  • One on one advising – limited to three appointments – with a Career Services Advisor to set goals and action steps for your job search

  • Live monthly webinars on career related topics

  • A Walden Career Services LinkedIn group for networking

  • A blog and Twitter presence to share articles and information of interest

Students and alumni are encouraged to take proactive steps to improve their qualifications and build professional networks.  They are often given “homework” between advising sessions to help them take recommended job search steps. 

While some students would like more assistance, this approach is appealing to students who are willing to proactively advance their careers. 

The Positive and Negative – Walden University Online Student Reviews

One of the ways to evaluate a school is by surveying the opinions of students and alumni.  Walden is no exception.  

So, what are students saying?

Students are impressed by more than the academic quality of Walden.  Not only did students feel they were challenged, they enjoyed the experience.  Distance learning can create issues with technology and access to resources.  Not at Walden.  Students frequently commented that the online library and tech support at Walden exceeded expectations.

Walden’s courses are described as student centered and flexible, making it convenient to learn while balancing the needs of an active career and a family.  

However, customer service at Walden is a bit lacking.  Students commented that they needed to stay “on top” of advising, financial aid, tuition costs, the initial application and other customer service issues.  Walden staff was not as responsive as many would like.

In addition, policies and procedures at Walden University change frequently.  Students were frustrated by the way these changes impacted their path to graduation, sometimes adding courses or delays they would have liked to avoid.

Finally, students were concerned about aggressive recruiting practices and hard sale techniques prior to admission.  Just like most other for-profit schools, Walden advertises heavily.  It also follows up on request for information with persistence and dedication.  Students would like a more relaxed approach.

Walden University Online Degree Programs – Combining Education with Social Impact

Is Walden University a good fit for you?  Walden offers a quality education with a social conscience.   It focuses on academic excellence and providing a flexible learning environment for working professionals.  

Rather than profit based, this for-profit school appears to be built on integrity.