Discover Seventeen Top Accounting Jobs & Careers

Accounting jobs are plentiful and growing in a variety of different fields.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts accounting as a career field will grow by approximately 16% by 2025.  The broad need for accountants in industry, government and internationally gives you a variety of options to explore.

Before we look at the different accounting jobs available, let’s look at the basic skills and traits you need to succeed in an accounting role.  Far from the stereotypical picture of a clerk with a pencil and a ledger book, accounting in today’s economy requires skills beyond accounting knowledge and organizational ability.

  • How are your communication and people skills?  Accountants interact with people across an entire organization.  As an accountant you will be asked to communicate financial and transactional information in a way that is clear to individuals without accounting knowledge.  You may be asked to advise managers on the financial impact of their decisions.  You will often find yourself managing employees or directing processes.  Do you have the ability to interact with others on this level?
  • Are you interested in technology?  Accounting is an electronic profession.  Complex computerized accounting and reporting software systems gather, process, and report on transactional information.  As an accountant you will find yourself learning accounting software in greater depth than you might realize.  As the software changes and develops, you will find yourself constantly working with new technology.  It’s often not enough to know how to use the technology.  Unless you understand the working logic behind the software you will struggle to find errors and track transactions.  Are you up to the challenge?
  • What about confidentiality and ethics?  Accounting jobs involve confidential information.  As an accountant you will potentially have access to most of the financial information for your organization.  You will also find yourself making decisions about that information as a part of your position.  As an accountant, you must hold yourself to the highest level of professionalism possible.  Successful accountants are careful with information and use it appropriately and ethically.

In addition to these traits, accounting jobs require a dedication to detail and have relatively high educational requirements depending on the position.  Successful accountants have a high level of business acumen and a natural curiosity about processes and problems.  If this sounds like you there are many opportunities to explore.

OK, so let’s starting delving into what these accounting jobs really involve.

Accounting Clerk Jobs – plentiful, growing and a great way for anyone to get their accountancy career started. Clerk conjures up images of easy or somehow basic. Not true. They are the backbone of many a company’s administration function.

Entry Level - Education standards for Entry Level accounting jobs are on the rise but don't let that put you off. There are lots of great opportunities to make your mark in small and large organizations

Bookkeeping - Bookkeeping jobs are an essential component of businesses of all sizes. Bookkeepers are in huge demand and the pay-off could be a position of real influence in the business as you'll always have the ear of the business owners.

Internships - Accounting internships gives you the chance to work alongside accounting professionals on the  job and see how things works in real life. Benefits? Life changing and possibly a huge impact on your exam results.

Payroll Accountant – funnily enough everyone wants to know this person is in their organization! They hold the key to your cash. But it’s a classic double edged sword. Sometimes people need information from you such as payslip to help with house loan applications or at tax time. And sometimes they just plain don’t like you if you didn't pay them on time! A fascinating role.

Tax Accountants - we're going to give you a stack of reasons to hate them but far bigger reasons to love them. The backbone of the accounting industry these are the people you rely on to not only get it right but to save you money in the process. What's not to love about that?

Audit Jobs - according to those who aren't accountants the next least exciting job to tax is audit. But it truly is a myth. We cut our teeth on audit and whilst is has it tough moments it's an incredible way understand the workings of a business right from the inside. Where else at such an early stage in your career can you get the kind of access to a company's inner workings that auditors do?

Government Accounting Jobs - Thousands of accountants make the choice to work in government with many citing public duty as their main motivation. Excellent. But you may be surprised to know that the work is absolutely no different to the private/corporate sector.

Forensic Accountants - Forensic Accounting Jobs are an exciting opportunity within accounting. It's been highlighted as one of the most sought after jobs of the future. Fast paced, incredibly interesting and well paid

Financial Controller - led by the Controller (sounds a bit Big Brother to us...), these are the guys who make sure that a company’s transactions are properly recorded in the accounting systems. And then the  Financial Reporting team then takes that information and pulls the financial statements together.

Financial Reporting – embarking on this career means that you’ll probably be working in the accounting department of a private company or large public corporation. You;re a key part of the Finance team with responsibility for preparing the financial statements of your entity.

Managerial Accountant - also referred to as a Management Accountant, again you’ll be in the Finance team of a private entity or public corporation. The key focus is providing analysis to the senior management including monthly performance, comparison to budgets & preparing forecasts.

CFO Jobs - CFO Jobs represent the Everest of accounting careers. Highly qualified, articulate, driven, ruthless. Just some of the characteristics necessary to be effective in this exceedingly demanding role. But the rewards are significant.

International Accounting Jobs - International Accounting Jobs are an amazing way to get the best out of your accounting career. Accounting is very similar wherever you go so take advantage of what the world has to offer!

Work From Home - see yourself working in pyjamas? Sounds great but don't kid yourself. Work from home accounting jobs could be a great option for you but you need to be very disciplined and committed to the process. If you have a family they need to be fully involved in your decision from the start. 

Financial Planning - relatively new accountancy based careers they are now regarded as one of the most exciting. It’s all about helping clients invest their money whether it’s for the short-term or for long-term retirement savings. To get far in this area, accountants who’ve passed their CPA definitely have an advantage.

Environmental Accounting – as you’ll appreciate these accounting careers are the new kids on the block. The focus here is to help companies work out how they can provide cost effective environmental solutions for running their business.