Coffee, Planes, Software & The University of Washington Accounting Degree Programs

U Dub, as it’s called, has a well-known medical school and a big research budget. But how do University of Washington accounting degree programs compare against the other schools? Let’s find out.

University of Washington: Facts and Figures

Ever found yourself in a packed stadium participating in the crowd experience that is the Wave? Well, University of Washington football fans will have you believe it started with them at a Husky Stadium game in 1981. Now that’s a claim to fame.

Almost as famous, although perhaps slightly more influential on society, is the university’s medical school. Founded in 1946, it has grown to become the University of Washington Medical Centre, one of the top ranked hospitals in the country.

The university itself was founded in 1861 in an area that is now the University District in downtown Seattle. It also has two smaller regional campuses.

As one of the oldest universities on the west coast and one of the Public Ivies – schools that provide a comparable education to the private Ivy League institutions – the university has a solid academic reputation and consistently appears in the top echelon of rankings in both national and international surveys.

Michael G Foster School of Business

With Seattle home to iconic American companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and Starbucks, the Michael G Foster School of Business is certainly close to the action. In fact, the school offers opportunities to learn from many of the region’s business executives, and these and other companies recruit directly from the campus.

The school offers the full range of undergraduate and graduate programs, and is very highly rated in media outlets surveys. Of particular note, the school boasts one of the highest job placement rates in the nation.

We also like that the fact that according to a Brigham Young University study, Foster’s accounting department faculty ranks first worldwide in contributions to accounting research.

Foster Accounting Undergraduate Program

The school offers a Bachelor of Business with the ability to specialize in a number of fields, including accounting.

The undergraduate Foster accounting degree program was ranked at a very impressive number 11 in the nation in the US News and World Report survey.

Foster Accounting Master’s Program

By undertaking a Master of Professional Accounting, students have the opportunity to pursue one of two tracks: auditing and assurance, or taxation. Take the former route for public accounting, auditing or industry; the latter for corporate or personal tax specialization.

Both will qualify you for the CPA entrance examination, but take note: they are notoriously hard to get in to, with relatively small intakes each year.

Foster Accounting PhD Program

Foster’s Doctorate program is the PhD in Business Administration. Seven areas of specialization are offered to students, including accounting. The course focuses on two streams: firstly economics and finance, and secondly accounting judgment and decision making.

University of Washington Accounting Degree Program: Summary

Okay, so it’s clear U Dub is not just for wannabe doctors. It’s got a pretty great business school.

And that Seattle has more going for it than just being home to jet engine builders and coffee world dominators. It’s also the birthplace of grunge music.

But let’s go back to our initial question: how do their accounting programs compare to those at other universities?

The answer: they compare very well. You get an education comparable with an Ivy League institution at a fraction of the price. But in terms comparing it with other public universities, there’s a general feeling out there that those looking for a west coast school only went to Washington because they couldn’t get into one of the UCs.

We think that’s a bit harsh. Maybe they didn’t like the weather. Because if you’re looking for great public school on the west coast, you can’t go wrong with the University of Washington accounting degree program. Just remember to pack your raincoat if you’re from California.