Why Do The University of North Carolina Accounting Degrees Taste Good?

We take a closer look at University of North Carolina accounting degrees, and see how a college now into its third century compares to the newer kids on the block.

University of North Carolina: Facts and Figures

Chartered in 1789, the same year George Washington became president, The University of North Carolina in the town of Chapel Hill opened its doors to students in 1795 as the nation’s first public university.

With such a long history, UNC has an unquestionable pedigree as well as an impressive list of alumni that includes a US President, a Vice President, and numerous senators and business leaders. Oh, and not forgetting arguably the greatest basketball player of all time in Michael Jordan.

The town of Chapel Hill is home to about 60,000 people, with UNC enrolments around the 29,000 mark. Even though it’s relatively large by college town standards, Chapel Hill is known for its small-town feel, and has a thriving arts and music scene. 

The town was ranked third on Newsmax’s magazine’s “Most Uniquely American” towns list in 2009, and Bon Appetit dubbed it the “foodiest” town in North America. If you’re going to leave mom’s home cooking to go away to college, you might as well go to the foodiest town on the continent, right?

Kenan-Flagler Business School

UNC has consistently been ranked in the top echelon of universities in the country, and is one the eight original “Public Ivies”; schools that provide an educational experience at a level comparable with the prestigious Ivy League institutions. 

Interestingly, UNC was also recently awarded the best value public college by USA Today, and the university certainly positions itself as one that provides an excellent quality education for a more reasonable price than its peers. Great news for those who consider bang-for-the-buck a key decision making factor.

Continuing on the subject of rankings, UNC’s business school, the Kenan-Flagler Business School is no exception, with both the undergraduate and graduate programs ranking in the top 10 in various news outlet surveys. 

At the undergraduate level, Kenan-Flagler offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. However, the only major available is business, so we’ll move on to the graduate program.

Kenan-Flagler Accounting Master’s Program

One year of your time. A lifetime of Return on Investment. Enough of the accounting jokes; seriously, the Kenan-Flagler program enables students to earn a graduate degree in one year, plus they claim a 98% strike rate of graduates receiving employment offers, and a higher than average salary. All feedback points to the program being an excellent course.

Completion of the Master’s program qualifies graduates to apply to sit the CPA exam.

Kenan-Flagler Accounting PhD Program

As would befit  a doctorate program at one of the nation’s best business schools, admission to the Kenan-Flagler PhD in Business program is highly competitive, and accepts 12-15 students per year.  Students choose a major in one of six areas, including accounting.

University of North Carolina Accounting Degrees: Summary

UNC offers an attractive value proposition. It’s an institution steeped in 220 years of tradition that offers a high quality education at a cheaper cost than some of its peers. And with a $2.3 billion construction budget to redevelop some of its ageing facilities, this school isn’t scared of reinventing itself to stay competitive.

The town of Chapel Hill has a lot going for it, in particular the fact that it’s fast becoming a hot spot for modern American cuisine. Hopefully this spreads to the on-campus eating options (not that we’re saying they’re currently any worse than other colleges!).

The bottom line: UNC offers undergraduate and graduate courses that are great value and quality. But if you’re looking to specialize in accounting, it might be a good idea to consider University of North Carolina accounting degrees at the graduate level only, and look elsewhere for your Bachelor’s degree.