The University of Michigan Master Of Accounting Program

The University of Michigan Master Of Accounting Program is the fifth ranked accounting program in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of Top Accounting Schools for 2022.  Business Week ranks Michigan’s Ross Business School sixth overall in the nation.  Students at The University of Michigan know what it means to get down to business.  It means hard work, determination, and a fighting spirit. 

University of Michigan Master Of Accounting  Program

Real Experience as an Undergrad

The University of Michigan Master Of Accounting program is about more than just learning accounting theory, methods, and principles.  At UofM you’ll find out for first-hand what accounting is all about.  In addition to a rigorous set of accounting courses for undergraduates, you can choose Accounting 335-336 Managing the Maize and Blue Fund. 

The Maize and Blue Fund is a student managed investment fund containing the assets of The Ross School of Business.   Under direction of faculty, teams of undergraduate students provide all the financial management, analysis, and accounting for the fund.  It’s a real world way to experience accounting – not just a classroom exercise.  This kind of dynamic learning situation is what you can expect, so come prepared to work.

University of Michigan Master of Accounting Program

The University of Michigan Master Of Accounting program goes beyond a traditional MBA by offering students a Master of Accounting degree.  This 10 month program allows graduates to sit for the CPA exam in any state in the country but is still flexible enough to allow you to pursue a concentration in any related field of interest.  Many students do just that, concentrating on information systems or finance. 

This flexibility means MAcc graduates go on to a variety of industries as highly valued professionals.  While 66% of graduates enter public accounting, many enter private industry as financial professionals in banking, Chief Financial Officers in manufacturing or service organizations, or Analysts for Non Profits.  

During your time at Ross Business School, you have the option of working for the University as a graduate student instructor.  If you take this path, you will not only put what you’re learning into practice by instructing undergrads, your earnings will help cover the costs of your educational program. This kind of dynamic learning experience is integral to your experience at The University of Michigan.

Doctorate Program – an Accounting Apprenticeship

The University of Michigan Master Of Accounting program has a unique philosophical foundation for its doctoral program.  The program is designed, purposely, on the model of an apprenticeship.  Believing that students need to touch the “pulse of the profession” and “overturn the roles of who teaches whom”, the program matches students with faculty in a form of mentorship.

The goal of the program is that you understand existing knowledge and come to realize your own potential to extend the existing knowledge base through research.  Again, as throughout the program, you learn by experience and not just class room and study time.  

The University of Michigan - A History

Founded in 1817 and one of the first public universities in the nation, The University of Michigan has a long tradition of academic excellence.  The University of Michigan Health Care System is one of the largest in the world, supporting the training and research of the University of Michigan Medical School.  

The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy is named for President Gerald R. Ford, a Michigan Grad, and is a part of the strong political tradition at UofM.  Sciences are strong at Michigan.  The entire flight crew of NASA’s Apollo 15 mission was made up of graduates of The University of Michigan.

The aerospace engineering program on campus remains on the nation’s most distinguished.

Life as a Wolverine

Students of the University of Michigan have been known as “Wolverines” since 1861.  So what is a wolverine?  A wolverine is a member of the weasel family and is known for its ferocity, tenacity, and ravenous appetite.  Interestingly, there are no wild wolverines in Michigan, and there never have been.

So, how did students who are undertaking the University of Michigan Master Of Accounting program get this nickname?

Well, if you’ve ever followed the Wolverines on the football field, basketball court or hockey rink you may know the answer.  Students at The University of Michigan are proud of their fighting spirit and their tenacity at sports, academics, and social life.    What does it mean to be a Wolverine?

  • Wolverines fight for their school – School spirit runs high at The University of Michigan.  Sporting events are well attended and students are known for their extreme loyalty to the Maize and Blue.
  • Wolverines fight for the rights of others – Diversity and social tolerance are very much a part of wolverine culture.  The campus offers “gender neutral” housing, a variety of worship and religious experiences, and a very diverse student population.   Intolerance is, frankly, not tolerated.
  • Wolverines fight for what they believe in – The Ann Arbor campus has a long history of political activism.  Students regularly protest on behalf of political and social issues.  The most famous of these protests is the annual Hash Bash where students protest to make marijuana consumption legal by gathering, chanting, carrying signs, and of course smoking.

The majority of students live off campus, and Ann Arbor is very accommodating.  Located about 20 miles from Detroit, Ann Arbor is a small, residential college down with a variety of housing options.  The diversity of restaurants and cultural attractions reflects the diversity of the student population.  Whatever you preferred diet; you can find a restaurant in Ann Arbor to please you.  If you love the opera, theatre, or contemporary art, you will find plenty of culture.  Of course, if your idea of fun is a night at the pub with your friends, you will find Ann Arbor has lots to offer you as well.

Ross Master Of Accounting

Accounting with a Wolverine Spirit

Students undertaking accountancy are tenacious about their education, their school spirit, their fellow students, and their beliefs.  If you become a wolverine, you will learn accounting principles and theory while actually working to apply what you learn to the real world.  You will live and learn with students of every race, ethnicity, political affiliation, and sexual preference.  You will fight for what you believe and learn to defend the rights of others even if you don’t agree with them.  

Summary – The University of Michigan Master Of Accounting Program

The faculty of the Ross Business School believes strongly in learning by doing, and that belief is evident. By completing the University of Michigan Master Of Accounting program At every level you will gain practical experience as a key component of your education.  You will work with an actual large dollar fund, the Maize and Blue Fund as an undergraduate, teach as a Masters student, and research alongside faculty at nearly a peer level as a doctoral candidate.

The internship program will place you in roles where you have a high degree of responsibility within your host companies.  On top of all this, you will learn everything necessary from an academic standpoint to sit for the CPA exam and practice accounting within industry.  No wonder the program is ranked so highly.