What's The Religious Angle To The Seattle University Accounting Degree Programs?

Seattle University accounting degree programs take place in an environment that is certainly different from the majority of US colleges. Read on to find out if they’re the right ones for you.

Seattle University: Facts and Figures

What is it with coffee drinkers? Traversing cities and travelling miles and miles to obtain their brew that has to be made with a particular bean in a particular machine by a particular barista. Quite frankly we prefer tea (not really…but we’re having some fun!), but if this sounds like you, then you’ll be right at home at Seattle University.

With a coffee shop on virtually every corner of the university’s surrounds in Capitol Hill, the area is even used by Seattle-headquartered coffee behemoth Starbucks as a test market for its products.

If the coffee alone isn’t enough to get you thinking about Seattle University, we’ll go through some of the other key facts.

Founded in 1891 and now home to 7,500 students, the university is an independent Jesuit Catholic school, one of about 100 around the world. Its values are based around educating the “whole” person, that is, both physically and spiritually. The core curriculum includes courses on philosophy, theology and self-reflection. 

Converse to the spiritual vibe, Capitol Hill – besides being coffee lovers central – is also a hub for nightlife and entertainment. So you get the best of both worlds!

Albers School of Business and Economics

The Albers School has a fine reputation for producing high quality business graduates, and its programs are consistently ranked in the top 50 by various media outlets, and much higher when compared to other institutions in the west and northwest.

One of the main advantages of Albers, and of Seattle University in general for that matter, is the small class sizes, particularly compared to their larger competitors. The university’s average class size is 19, which is significantly better than comparably ranked schools.

Albers Accounting Undergraduate Program

The Albers undergraduate degree relevant to prospective accountants is the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. After completing the core courses, students focus on their chosen field of specialty in one of seven areas, which includes accounting.

The Seattle University accounting degree program was ranked an impressive 19th by the US News and World Report.

Albers Accounting Master’s Program

In the Jesuit tradition, Albers graduate degrees place a high emphasis on personal and community leadership, as well as ethical issues.

The accounting graduate degree is the Master of Professional Accounting. Alternatively, students may complete an MBA with a specialization in accounting, which requires two additional elective courses beyond the usual MBA requirements.

Both avenues provide a pathway to enable graduates to sit for the CPA exam.

Seattle University does not operate a Doctorate program.

Seattle University Accounting Degree Programs: Summary

If you’re the frat house type, Seattle University is not for you. Although in saying that, given the university’s location in one of Seattle’s most lively entertainment districts, there are a plethora of nightlife options right on its doorstep.

If you’re into school spirit and traditions, and are the “Go Team!” type, it’s probably not for you either. School mascot Rudy the Redhawk will never be able to compete with some of the bigger and louder mascots out there.

But if you resonate with the core curriculum on self-exploration, engaging the world, and self-reflection, and don’t mind some of the more theological aspects, then this is the place for you. Add that to the small class sizes and academic programs that are highly rated in the region, and you can see why some people really love going to this school.

Seattle University accounting degree programs are certainly ones to consider. Especially if you’re a coffee drinker.