Show The Boss That You Deserve a Salary Increase

A salary increase is just about everyone’s aim at work. Whether it’s an accounting job, working in internal audit or working at McDonalds. Unless of course you’re feeling very generous towards to the boss! However, it’s not the be-all and end-all as there’s so much more to a job

Regardless, we’ve painted out a typical scenario for someone who’s looking for guidance in how to get a salary increase:

Q: Lately, I've been a bit bored and even sluggish at work. However, I’d really like to ask for a raise this year.

With the economy the way that it is, I haven’t had a bump-up in my pay for two years. Yet, I feel that I must be able to demonstrate that I’m worth the extra money to the company. Is there anything I can do to show my boss that I deserve a raise?

A: Yes! You can demonstrate not only your worth..

but also your ongoing efforts to your supervisor so that you’ll be in a better position to ask for a salary increase. Consider these options:

1. Keep a running list of every project/task/job you do. Simply open a document and list, by date, what you do. It’s not necessary to do it every day, but document every major project/task/job as you complete it. Just list the project or job name and the date completed. If you like, put a simple description of the work you did. 

2. Type up quarterly reports on your own progress and submit them to your boss. Next, use the information from the list above to inform your boss - in writing - what you’ve completed after each quarter’s closing using a quarterly report format.  

  • For example, within a few days after March 31st, type your report. Have a simple title with your name, the date and “First Quarterly Report, 2014.” Title the first section, “Activities Completed” and copy and paste the info for this quarter from your running list and paste it into this document.

  • Have a second section titled, “Goals for Next Quarter.”  

  • If you like, you can even include a third section called, “Projected Future Goals.”

  • You might even want to include a section on “Projects Currently in Process” as well. 

  • Use the copy function with data from the “Goals for Next Quarter” section in the prior quarterly report to paste into the “Activities Completed” section, if you’ve finished those goals. 

  • Edit your report before forwarding to your boss.

Interestingly, these reports will become a part of your work life and serve as a galvanizing force in your career. You’ll be jazzed to get tasks done so you can list them as completed. You’ll become more focused at work overall. And not just because it’s a big step in getting that salary increase.

Illustrate your incredible work talents

In fact, the list and the quarterly report will either convince you that a salary increase is in order or show you how to work more diligently to increase your worth. Your supervisor will probably be quite impressed with your initiative to complete and provide the reports quickly at quarter’s end.

Your boss will see from your reports the amount and quality of work you do for the company. You’ll have a document to demonstrate your active, completed, and projected projects/goals at work to use as a true representative of your performance whenever you plan to ask for a raise. 

Illustrate your incredible work talents, skills, and efforts through your production of informative quarterly reports for your supervisor. You’ll be amazed the impact it has in getting that salary increase.