Roger CPA Review Course – Do Experience and Enthusiasm Equal Excellence?

The Roger CPA Review Course was founded in 2001 by Roger Philipp and originally offered only live classes taught by Roger himself.  Roger has over 20 years of experience teaching CPA review and draws on his experience as a CPA to create lively and enthusiastic lectures.  

Many universities encourage internships as a core component of their accounting curriculum because of the experience they provide.

Former students comment on his humor and engaging lecture style and found his courses entertaining and dynamic.  

While we admire anyone who can make dry topics like audit entertaining, is Roger’s instruction enough to prepare you for an excellent score on the CPA Exam?  Let’s find out.

More than Live Classes – Roger’s Course Options

The Roger CPA Review Course is still taught exclusively by Roger Philipp even though the course has expanded to attract students outside North America.  Obviously Roger is dedicated to instructing candidates.

You will notice his passion and enthusiasm after only a few minutes watching a demo lecture video.  How does Roger manage to teach thousands of students around the world?  He utilizes the power of technology.  

Live classes are available across the United States and Canada.  Roger teaches the courses himself, either in the actual classroom with you or via use of live streaming video.  In any case, you hear him lecture live every time.  In classes using streaming video a proctor is available to transmit your questions electronically to Roger so he can answer them.  

You get the benefit of live, real time interaction with your instructor, a rare opportunity among CPA review courses.

Live classes are held only on weekends to allow students to focus on the materials without the distraction of post-workday fatigue common with evening courses.  Students are expected to commit to a location and a course schedule. If you miss the course for some reason, you can view a taped lecture online.

The course offers 100 hours of live instruction, and you have an 18 month window to attend classes.  If you exceed this window you must re-enroll but can receive a past student discount.  

You are allowed to attend each session once unless you purchase an “unconditional repeat” of a section for $50.  This allows you to repeat each session once.  You are limited to two times through, maximum, during your 18 month window when you attend live classes.

Not sure two sessions will be enough for you on all topics?  No problem.  Roger offers online and USB courses as well.

  • Online Classes – You receive the same 100 hours of instruction online via taped lectures.  These are available to you online, anytime, from any internet connection.  You have 12 months of viewing access but you can extend this by 6 months for an additional $50.  You can watch each online lecture up to five times.  If that’s still not enough for you, just call the help line and they will reset your access at no charge.
  • USB Classes – You guessed it!  You get video of the same live lectures, this time via an external hard drive you plug into the USB port of up to two computers.  You get unlimited access during your 12 month course window, so you can view each topic again and again if you like.  If you need to extend your course window to 18 months, it’s best to do so when you originally purchase the material.  The $200 fee increases to $300 if you extend after original enrolment.

What about Study Materials?

Lecture alone is not enough to prepare for the CPA Exam.  So far we’ve only discussed the differences in lecture options, leaving you wondering about supplemental material.  The Roger CPA Review Course provides the same study materials as a part of your course regardless of your choice of lecture option. 

  • Roger’s Textbooks – These books are written by Roger and are comprised of lecture notes and supplemental material to accompany his lectures.  They reinforce key points of the lecture and while they do include some practice questions and simulations, they are primarily a lecture review tool.
  • Wiley CPA Review Books – The real homework of the course is found in this material from Wiley.  Roger partnered with Wiley to offer their materials as the practice questions, simulations, and review material for self-study.  This lets Roger focus on live instruction (his strength) but still gives you the comprehensive practice you need.
  • Wiley CPA Exam Review Test Bank Software – This software is full of practice questions and simulations along with tips and pointers for the actual exam.  The material here is modeled on the actual exam format, so it’s realistic practice.

Positive and Negative Considerations

It’s pretty difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the Roger CPA Review Course without putting it to the test.  Most CPA Review Courses post success rates, but they are difficult to validate.Students who have used the Roger CPA Review Course and then taken the CPA Exam are the best judge. Based on their comments, here are points to consider.

  • Teaching Style – Nearly every former student comments on Roger’s teaching style.  He is dynamic and engaging and the live courses passed quickly versus the more boring style of other review courses.  Roger speaks very quickly, however.  It’s difficult for international students to understand every word.

    If you can pay close attention and move right along with Roger, his style will work.  If not, you may struggle.  Our advice?  Watch the demo videos available on Roger’s website.  You will know in minutes if you can learn from him.
  • Quality of Instruction – The instructional quality of the lectures is first rate.  Roger knows the information, enjoys explaining it, and responds quickly to student questions.  The Wiley CPA Review material is known for its quality, so overall the instructional material is top notch.
  • Course Extensions - While they are available for the online and USB courses, you need to know the rules when you purchase the course.  Some students were surprised at the end of their study window to find they had to re-enroll for the live classes.  The former student discount was little consolation.
  • Cost – Former students find the course a good value if you consider the Wiley material.  It’s almost like two complete courses.  The full course is $2,095. The course is also available for purchase in sections if you prefer.   There are a number of discounts available if you qualify.
  • Current College Student Discount – Full course $1,695
  • Fresh Start Discount – If you’ve tried another course and switch to Roger, you can purchase the full course for $1,295.
  • Previous Roger Student – re-enrolling?  You get the full course for $1,048.

Roger CPA Review Course – Excellence is Up To You

The Roger CPA Review Course is a great option for you, depending on your learning style.  Students frequently turned to Roger after taking another course, such as Becker or Yeager, and failing one or more sections.  The primary reason was the strength of the material and Roger’s explanations of difficult concepts.  

Your experience, though, is dependent on your willingness to pay close attention during the fast paced lectures and diligently apply yourself to the practice material.  This course is for students who are serious about the exam and looking to engage in active learning to earn first time passes.