Requesting A Raise Made Easy

Requesting a Raise for an accounting job is no different than any other profession. Some people may think that it’s actually a bit harder given the perceived shyness of accountants in general but that’s just an excuse. You have to stand up for yourself and get paid for what your worth.

So, if you were interested in a salary increase and you came to us, then the conversation might go something like this:

Q: I would like to get a raise. My supervisor hasn’t mentioned anything to me about any more money coming my way. So, I think it’s time I bring up the subject. However, I’m feeling I might need to lay some “groundwork” before approaching my boss to get more money. Can you help me prepare for asking for a pay increase?

A: In these tough economic times, a lot of people are in the same position you are right now, feeling you’ve been working harder than ever, yet watching time pass with no salary increases in sight. 

Good for you that you’re taking your financial life seriously and willing to stick your neck out for the pay you deserve! 

Following these strategies will effectively prepare you for the big day:

  • Know your company’s mission and goals. Why? Because you’ll want to infuse them throughout your pitch to be paid more. Show how the work you do dovetails nicely with your organization’s goals and mission. 

  • Write up your pitch. What will you say to your supervisor when you’re requesting a raise? Write it down. If all you need is a simple outline, that’s okay, too. But what is critical to include in your pitch how you’ve saved the company money through streamlining a process, shortening work somehow, or re-designing a project or staffing issue. 

  • Make a list of your recent job accomplishments. Be succinct, yet specific enough so your boss will know what you’re talking about. You’ll need to spend some time on this point beforehand and you might even have to look back through your schedule to see the projects you completed since your last raise. 

  • Set up a time with your boss. Do it in person, not by e-mail or phone. State, “I’d like to meet with you for 30 minutes or so in the next week. What’s the best day and time for you?” Have your schedule with you so you can enter it right then. If he/she asks why, state you want to meet about salary issues.  

  • Avoid discussing your salary issues with anyone else at work. It’s rarely a good plan. People talk and word gets around. Supervisors overhear things. 

Even if your requesting a raise doesn’t happen immediately after you meet with your boss, you’ll know you did everything you could to be paid additional funds. And your boss will likely not forget your request or the impact you made stepping up to ask for a salary increase.  

They will be very impressed by you taking the initiative.

Requesting a raise is one of the toughest things to do in the work place. We think that accounting jobs  are tough at the best of times and after particularly hard periods of work you owe it to yourself to get rewarded appropriately.

Be proud of your efforts to increase your bottom line for you and your family’s sakes.