Rasmussen College Offers Practical Skills to Advance Your Career

Rasmussen College is a for-profit institution focused on helping students learn practical skills relevant to a successful career.  Combining online learning with small campuses scattered in the Midwest and Florida, Rasmussen attracts a large percentage of working adults.

Are you looking to advance your career?  Rasmussen is an option you should consider.

Accounting at Rasmussen – Practical and Results Focused

Rasmussen offers 100% online business degrees, including online Accounting degrees.  Students can receive a diploma or certificate in accounting, or pursue an Associate or Bachelor of Accounting. Coursework is fairly standard. Specialities such as Forensic Accounting and others are not available.

The primary focus seems to be on public accounting.  Rasmussen takes CPA exam results seriously.  Pass percentages aren’t reported publically, but the college has partnered with Yaeger CPA Review to give its students an advantage in the quest for a CPA license.  

Accounting degree students are given access to the preparation tools offered by Yaeger.  The Yaeger HomeStudy courses, online portal and videos, and Wiley CPA Review textbooks and handouts are integrated into the student’s educational program.  Students even have access to the Yaeger CPA Review instructor hotline.

What does this mean for Rasmussen accounting course grads?  They’ve already completed a large part of their preparation for the CPA exam.  

Will a Degree from Rasmussen College Help Your Job Search?

Unlike many other schools that rely on self-reported data for placement numbers, Rasmussen actively tracks employment status of its alumni.  This focus on actual numbers gives Rasmussen a unique perspective on employment.  

The college works with community colleges in the local areas of each campus, and keeps its finger on the pulse of job-training gaps.   The college staff works closely with local businesses to tailor campus curriculums to local workforce needs.

Rasmussen grads find rewarding careers after graduation.  In July 2009, for instance, 98% of Rasmussen grads from the previous year were employed, and 92% of them were working at jobs in their field of study.

Twice a year each campus holds a career fair which is open to all students.  These fairs are known for their high success rate in creating job placements for the people who attend.  

Rasmussen takes its role in meeting labor market demands seriously.

What about Controversy?

Rasmussen College is not dealing with the legal issues of other for-profit institutions and has managed to stay out of the media spotlight.  As a result, Rasmussen continues to grow.  Enrollment is up.  Extra programs are being added. More employees rather than downsizing. Profits are up.

They must be doing something right.  Or are they?

Students Have Mixed Reviews

Students appear to either love or hate it.  There’s not much middle ground.  

When asked about the quality of the education they received, reviews are positive.  The online program includes live video lectures and classroom forums, giving the right balance of self-study and interaction for many students.  The material covered is reported as challenging, but practical and worthwhile.

Students are pleased with their experience working with the placement office.  Many report receiving direct recommendations for jobs in their field.  The online program is focused on working adults, and placement services works during the educational process to help students translate their academic success into improvements in their job situation.  

So, what don’t student’s like about Rasmussen College?  The most common complaints involve Rasmussen’s for-profit status.  Students felt the enrollment process was high pressure.  They were hounded by several phone calls, emails, and pressure tactics – leaving many with a negative opinion of the college admissions office.

Students frequently found the financial aid process confusing.  They had difficulty understanding next steps, aid disbursements, and account reconciliations.  Answers to the many questions were not always available.

Another source of frustration was the regional accreditation status of Rasmussen College.  Credits from do not always transfer to other institutions or graduate programs.  If you are considering Rasmussen and plan to then go on to an advanced degree elsewhere, make sure you investigate the transfer situation before enrolling.

Rasmussen College Offers Practical Value

Of the for-profit online options available to you, Rasmussen College offers one of the best paths for career advancement.  If you are a working adult looking to enter general accounting, Rasmussen has a lot to offer you in terms of flexibility and placement opportunities.  

If, however, you are interested in eventually pursuing an advanced accounting degree or working in one of the many accounting specializations, Rasmussen might not be your best choice.