Post University Accounting Programs – Small Classes with a Big Impact

The Post University Accounting Programs offer high quality degrees and certificates at the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business while maintaining a small town community feeling – both on its Watertown, Connecticut campus and online.  You’ll network with other students and build relationships while you learn.

Classes on campus are small, with an average of 13 students in each accounting course.  Online students use an electronic forum to complete project work and interact in a classroom type setting.  

Does this type of environment appeal to you?  Let’s see what else the Post University Accounting Programs have to offer.

A Reputation for Quality – Online Accounting Classes at Post University

Post University is recognized for its dedication to creating high quality degree programs students can use to enter some of the most popular career fields.  The  Post University Accounting Programs are a great example which the following on offer: 

  • Master of Science in Accounting (online & campus)
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting (online & campus)
  • Associate Accounting Degree
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting (Certificate Program)

All of these programs are offered on campus and online. 

There’s an additional option of accelerated degrees in accounting, allowing you to earn a Bachelor Degree in a minimum of 18 months. Accelerated courses are 8 weeks long.  Students spend the entire 8 weeks fully immersed in just one course.  What’s the advantage?  By focusing on one topic at a time you can fully master the material even at the accelerated pace.  You won’t skim over the material even though you’re learning quickly.

Post University Accounting Programs are hands-on.  Students are part of an interactive learning environment, using real-world examples and situations to apply accounting theory and principles.  This is an accounting practice based situation, helping you prepare for a successful career in accounting.

What about Results?

Post University cites a 2012 Accounting Degree Program placement rate of 53%.  Should this low number give you cause for concern?  Not necessarily.

Placement rates are self-reported statistics based on the results of alumni surveys.  The numbers can be skewed by a low response rate or any number of other factors.  There’s really no way to verify them against reality. 

Unfortunately, comparing placement rates between schools offers little real value. 

Ranking by respected publications is often a better statistic to consider when evaluating a program.  U.S. News ranked Post University #19 in its 2013 listing of Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.  Many other popular online programs such as DeVry and Kaplan do not appear on this listing.

U.S. News gave Post University the #87 spot on its 2013 ranking of the Best Online Graduate Business Programs – high praise for a small regional program.

Untouched by the Shadow of Controversy

Controversy surrounds online for-profit colleges and universities currently.  Big players such as University of Phoenix, Kaplan, and DeVry are defending themselves against allegations of deceptive enrollment practices and misconduct within their financial aid offices.

This wave of criticism doesn’t wash over Post.  Unlike some of the competition, Post University seems to put the needs of students ahead of its profitability.  Sure, it operates in the black – but it does so ethically.  

Student Feedback Tells the Story

Students of Post University primarily have a positive story to tell.  Student reviews support published university claims that accounting faculty members come from public accounting.  Several reviews highlight the number of experienced CPAs among the faculty.  

How is the online learning experience?  Students highlight receiving quick responses to questions and enjoying the interaction with other students in online forums.  The material presented is challenging, but instructors are ready to assist struggling students in most cases.

Of course, there are always concerns.  Most focus on the difficulty of working with financial aid representatives or academic advisors in an online setting.  Some students found the online attendance policies difficult to handle.  At Post University, students are required to participate in online classroom forums and are penalized if they don’t log in.

Graduates, for the most part, felt prepared to take the CPA and CMA exams.  Post University does not publish CPA exam pass rates, so this feedback is difficult to verify.    

Post University graduates have high praise for the university placement office.  University faculty apparently draw on their network of business contacts to help students find work in public accounting, tax accounting, and forensic accounting as well as private industry.

Make Valuable Professional Connections at Post University

Online students typically don’t have the same opportunity to make lifelong professional connections as students on a traditional campus.  Post University is one exception to this general rule. 

When you take one of the degree or certificates through the Post University Accounting Programs, whether on campus or online, you get more than a quality accounting education.  You become part of a close knit professional community.  That’s a lasting return on your investment!