Will Penn State University Accounting Degree Programs Lead You To A Merry Dance?

We take a look at Penn State University accounting degree programs to find out whether they take their teaching as seriously as their dancing. Say what? It’s a college that has an annual dance marathon! Where can we sign up?

Penn State University: Facts and Figures

Founded in 1855 as an agricultural college, Penn State has grown to become the largest university in Pennsylvania. Its main University Park campus is home to 45,000 students – one of the largest campuses in the country – and the university has a total of 100,000 enrolments across its 24 campuses.

The annual dance marathon, known as THON, is the world’s largest student based philanthropy. It involves participants not only staying awake for a whole weekend, but remaining standing. The event has raised over $100m since 1973. We’re impressed, but a bit tired just thinking about it!

Widely known for its successful athletic programs, Penn State hit the news for the wrong reasons in 2011, when it was revealed university officials covered up instances of sex abuse by a former football team coordinator.

But on to more cheery topics, let’s take a look at the business school, and more specifically Penn State University accounting degree programs.

Smeal College of Business

Accounting degree programs are offered by the Smeal College of Business, named after alumni and benefactors.

Perhaps the most impressive rankings that Smeal has achieved are from recruiters. It was deemed the number one college for best trained and educated undergraduates in a Wall Street Journal corporate recruiters survey in 2010, and was also ranked number one by recruiters in a BusinessWeek survey.  These are extremely positive indications that graduates from Smeal succeed once embarking on their chosen career.

The college offers the full range of undergraduate, graduate and executive business programs.

Smeal Accounting Undergraduate Program

The Smeal undergraduate accounting program was ranked in 23rd place by the US News and World Report, and has consistently produced quality graduates with high levels of satisfaction with their degree.

The course involves a Bachelor of Business degree, with seven majors offered, including accounting.

Smeal Accounting Master’s Program

The college offers two options for Master of Accounting (MAcc) students, both of which enable graduates to sit for the CPA exam:

  • One year MAcc program – offered to Penn State undergraduates who complete their Bachelor’s degree to a satisfactory level; and

  • Integrated MAcc program – enables students to seamlessly earn both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years.

Admissions to the Integrated Macc program are highly competitive, and limited to 120 positions annually.

Smeal Accounting PhD Program

Smeal offers a PhD course, with an emphasis available in a number of areas, including accounting. Recent placements of PhD graduates include some of the most prestigious higher education learning institutions in the country, including Harvard and Stanford.

Penn State University Accounting Degree Programs: Summary

Being a Public Ivy, Penn State offers internationally renowned programs at a smaller cost than a private institution. 

The fact that the Smeal College comes out on top with corporate recruiters is a major plus, and is reflective of the university’ ability to produce top graduates. We don’t think there’s much more clear evidence of how good a university is than when their graduates have a high level of success translating their academic results to the corporate world.

Penn State is a big university; so accordingly, you’re not going to get as much individual attention compared to a smaller school. But we think the Penn State University accounting degree programs offered by the Smeal College are worth this small bugbear. And anyway, you can get all the attention you need at the dance marathon.