Sullivan University – An Online Accounting Degree With Southern Hospitality

An online accounting degree from Sullivan University could be a great career decision given the reputation for its high academic standards across the southern United States.  Its School of Accountancy offers online Associate and Bachelor in Accounting Degrees as well as a Master in Business Administration with an accounting concentration.

Relatively low tuition rates and a guarantee to never raise them while a student is continuously enrolled make Sullivan University seem like a good value for accounting students.  We wanted to take a closer look, and see what you can expect if you choose Sullivan.

A Stair Step Approach to Accounting

Sullivan University embraces the idea that successful learning builds on itself.  They’ve organized their accounting program with this philosophy in mind, and create a stair step approach to accounting.

The online accounting degree students begin in the Associate of Science in Accounting Degree program.

Here they master basic accounting information, and learn to apply it within popular accounting software programs such as Quick Books.  Students master payroll both manually and within accounting software, and acquire basic business skills such as introductory management and marketing.  

After earning their Associate Degree, students can choose to continue their education by entering the Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree program.  Building on previous coursework, this program provides a more in depth look at accounting theory, analysis, and management practices.  

Earning an Associate Degree in Accounting is a prerequisite for enrollment in the Bachelor Degree program at Sullivan.  While it’s recommended that students earn their Associate Degree at Sullivan, you can transfer in the credits from a similar degree earned elsewhere.  

Both private and public accounting is taught at Sullivan.  The curriculum weaves Becker CPA Review materials into the study material, actively preparing students for a future career in public accounting.  

While Sullivan University does not offer a Master in Accountancy as part of its online accounting degree program, it does have an MBA program with an accounting concentration.  Students can seamlessly enter this program after completing their Bachelor of Science in Accounting if they wish.  

Along with standard MBA coursework, the accounting concentration includes higher topics in international and corporate accounting.  It also provides instruction in contemporary auditing and attestation principles – the very topics you’ll need to master to pass the CPA Exam.

Student Success at Sullivan University

How successful are Sullivan University graduates?  Unfortunately, the University does not currently publish placement rates.  However, student reviews are positive.  

Students speak of a professional learning atmosphere, a high level of academic challenge, and a knowledgeable and caring faculty.  In fact, the idea of southern hospitality is embraced by Sullivan.  The faculty is caring, responsive, and interested in guiding students through the learning process.

Sullivan University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Regional accreditation is the highest level of accreditation, and ensures that credits earned at Sullivan are eligible for transfer to most other institutions of higher learning.

Unlike many other online schools, it is nearly impossible to find student complaints for Sullivan University.  Student forums are overwhelmingly positive, and don’t include the usual frustration with administration or financial aid policies.

After graduation, students have lifetime access to career services and placement assistance.  This means as your career evolves and changes, Sullivan will remain a resource you can use to find employment.  

The Online Admissions Process – Focused on Student Best Interests

The admissions requirements at Sullivan University are fairly standard.   Students must submit ACT or SAT test scores, high school transcripts, and complete an entrance evaluation.  If students are interested in a Bachelor Degree program, they must also submit proof of an Associate Degree and transcripts of their course work.  

Sullivan doesn’t stop with this evaluation, however.  Students are assigned an admission counselor to help them decide on their fit within the Sullivan community.  Online students are asked to thoughtfully consider the advantages and disadvantages of online learning, and make sure they are self-motivated and able to participate with other students virtually rather than face to face.

As a result, Sullivan has a high degree completion rate compared to similar Universities.  Over 44% of students enrolled in accounting degree programs not only graduate, they graduate on time.  

The School of Accountancy at Sullivan University Delivers a Lifetime of Value

Sullivan University understands the importance of building an accounting career on a strong foundation.  Their stair step philosophy to learning and lifetime access to placement services mean this accounting program delivers value to students long beyond graduation.  

Whether you’re interested in private accounting or a career as a Certified Public Accountant, Sullivan’s online accounting degree program has a lot to offer you.