Do Online Accounting Degree Programs Offer You The Perfect Opportunity?

“Are online accounting degree programs right for me?” Is one of the most frequently asked questions facing would-be accountants these days. 

First up though, let’s get a couple of things off the table.  Online accounting degrees are not aimed, in our opinion, at students who are just out of high school and looking to establish themselves in a top college or university. 

For that age group it’s not just about the accounting program but the social side, the networking, friends for life, extra-curricular activities and many other benefits. Enjoy them.

However, online accounting degree programs should come to the forefront if you’re contemplating a career change or you’re unhappy in your current work environment.

That means, the chances are that you’re a bit older, may have family and have already established yourself in another career.  And if you’re good with numbers, problem solving and working closely with clients then a career in accounting may be the right choice.

And there are many accredited online accounting degree programs to choose from, including programs that offer associate degrees, bachelor degrees and masters degrees. And there always the opportunity to complete an accounting certificate.

Any change in career is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.  After all, you’ll be spending a big chunk of your life doing it day in and day out. There are plenty of things to consider when researching the many accredited programs available, including expected job growth in the industry, salary, flexibility, and time commitment.

The Benefits of Online Accounting Degree Programs

There are many benefits to obtaining an online accounting degree from one of the accredited colleges or universities. We’ve gathered up a comprehensive list of sixteen of the most popular ones that have been thrown about. Some of them are amusing more than a real reason for taking this path!

  1. An interactive learning environment

  2. An affordable education and the possibility of paying for courses as they’re taken, rather than paying for an entire semester at once

  3. Classes taught by academic professionals with successful track records

  4. The choice of a wide array of accredited institutions, including both well known universities and lesser known schools

  5. A variety of courses to choose from

  6. The freedom to complete assignments, course work and exams at your convenience

  7. State of the art online tools and assistance

  8. The ability to apply for scholarships and grants to offset the cost of the degree

  9. The flexibility to create your own schedule and make your own deadlines

  10. The convenience of doing course work or studying 24/7

  11. The ability to continue working at your current job, while earning your degree when you have the time to do so

  12. The opportunity to interact with your instructors and classmates via email, live chats and phone

  13. The choice of “attending” classes from home, the local coffee shop, or from the road (if you travel for your current job); you can even “go to school” in your pajamas or sweat pants or stay at home to care for a small child, sick parent or other family member

  14. Money savings on clothes, commuting expenses, including gas and wear and tear on your car, and room and board expenses

  15. Increase your technological skills, as well as your reading comprehension and writing abilities, as well as your time management skills

  16. Work toward an increase in salary, either at your current job, or a new one

So, if you think this is the right path to follow and fits your lifestyle then great. Now you have to start researching where to find the accredited accountancy programs. It’s always worth repeating just how important this part of your search is. You must find a reputable college, school or university.

Currently, there are an ever increasing range on online schools offering  undergraduate and graduate accounting programs. Many of them are private organizations and are very aggressive in their marketing drive.