Do The Ohio State University Accounting Degree Programs Scare You?

The Ohio State University accounting degree programs belong to a University whose campus is big. Seriously big. In fact, the Columbus campus is the third biggest university campus in the nation. But does bigger necessarily mean better? Let’s find out…

Ohio State University: Facts & Figures

With 63,000 students spread among its five campuses, 14 colleges, 175 undergraduate majors, 240 master’s, doctoral and professional degree programs, and an annual research budget closing in on $1 billion, there is certainly a sense of scale to Ohio State.

Established in 1870, the school was initially situated in a farming community on the edge of the city. This site is now just 2 miles north of downtown Columbus, Ohio’s capital and most populous city.

The university has produced a significant number of eminent alumni, including Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, various Olympic Gold medallists, as well the best friend of researchers everywhere, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger.

The university also lays claim to the world’s largest all brass and percussion marching band, whose halftime shows at Buckeyes athletic events are legendary. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Ohio State nickname is derived from the buckeye tree, which is described as being native, tenacious, attractive and unique. Just how those passionate current and past Ohio State students would have you think of them…

Fisher College of Business

Ohio State University accounting degree programs are offered through the Fisher College of Business. The college is named in honor of the donor who facilitated construction of the modern, six building campus in the 1990s. 

The college places a high emphasis on practical, experiential study options, and has introduced a wide range of international study programs, including global internships in a number of countries. 

Internships range from field studies in emerging markets such as Panama and Turkey, to summer programs working for large companies in counties like Spain and Australia, and a highly rated exchange program with business school partners around the world.

Fisher Accounting Undergraduate Program

Fisher’s undergraduate accounting program is placed 10th in the US World and News Report rankings, and shows the esteem in which the college is held.

Undergraduates undertake a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), and are able to choose from one of twelve specializations, including accounting.

Fisher Accounting Master’s Program

The Fisher College Master of Accounting degree is geared more towards those looking for an accounting specialization than the Bachelor’s degree. It is also highly rated, and the curriculum provides a large amount of flexibility with electives, in that 78% of the degree consists of electives.

An attractive proposition is that selected BSBA accounting majors can combine their undergraduate degree with the Master’s degree and earn both concurrently within four years. 

You read that correctly – two degrees in four years!

A great reason to keep that grade point average over the 3.5 minimum requirement for acceptance.

As with most other graduate programs in accounting, the Master’s degree provides sufficient credits to qualify graduates to sit for the Uniform CPA exam.

Fisher Accounting PhD Program

The PhD program consists of two components: accounting and management information systems. The program is certainly considered to be on par with the nation’s top doctorate degrees, and many Ohio State PhD alumni are on the faculty of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

Ohio State University Accounting Degree Programs: Summary

A degree from the Fisher College of Business is considered by many in the corporate world to be an equivalent to a degree from an Ivy League school. Yes, it has that good a reputation. And the stats back this up: Fisher ranked second in the nation among business schools with the most sought-after graduates according to a 2010 Wall Street Journal survey.

There’s no doubting the scale of Ohio State enables it to provide first-rate facilities and enviable international opportunities, and this is especially true in the case of the business school. But some of this comes at a cost. Some people find the university itself overwhelming and unfriendly. That they’re treated like a number, with limited opportunity to stand out from the masses.

But hey, the real world is often overwhelming and unfriendly. For those who are up for the challenge, are able to forge relationships, stand out from the crowd, and seize the many opportunities that may come from being part of such a huge machine, the Ohio State University accounting degree programs could be the perfect start to their career.