Networking and The New York University Accounting Program

The New York University Accounting Program is part of a fine university, but is it one of the best accounting programs available?  New York University itself and the Stern School of Business in particular, are ranked #5 on U.S. News and World Report’s list of top undergraduate business schools in America.  

Getting into New York University (NYU) is competitive, and the academics are challenging.  Students are impressed with the open dialogue on campus and the willingness of faculty to interact with their students.  Students also say, however, that the focus of the business school is primarily finance and marketing, not accounting.  

Whatever the focus, graduates of the New York University Accounting Program enjoy success.  Stern’s class of 2011 has a 95% placement rate after graduation.  Accounting graduates earn a mean starting salary nearly 18% above the national average.  Obviously it’s doing a lot of things right.

Stern Business School Undergraduate Accounting

The undergraduate accounting program at Stern is a solid, traditional, and based on a strong core business foundation.  There’s a CPA track for those who are interested in public accounting and a general track for those who aren’t.  Students in the general track are encouraged strongly to consider a dual major with Information Systems or Finance to increase their career options after graduation.

If you are looking for a solid program with no surprises, this is the one for you.  What makes this undergrad program unique is living and learning in New York City.  Top financial and accounting firms regularly visit campus, and the internship opportunities are as full of energy as New York City itself.

In some cases, location definitely has its advantages.  

Master’s Program in Accounting?

NYU does not offer a Masters in Accounting.  Instead, students may select accounting as the core concentration for their MBA.  The program is ranked 12th by Bloomberg, not a top ranking but in the top 20.  Just like the undergraduate program, the MBA program is solid but not remarkable.  It is a traditional MBA with some flexibility and a decent reputation. 

 Once again, the biggest advantage this program has is its location.  Students have internship opportunities with Wall Street firms, top accounting firms, and well known industrial giants.  These opportunities are readily accessible by subway, providing an ease of interaction not shared by other schools.  

The Doctoral Program – Top Ranked

The doctoral program is where the New York University Accounting Program differentiates itself.  Recently The Chronicle of Higher Education ranked Stern’s accounting program #2 in the nation for research productivity.  Accounting Department faculty is frequently published and works closely and heavily with graduate students on a variety of research projects. 

Stern PhD graduates are 7th in the country for academic and research placements.   This success is in part due to the fact that students frequently co-author published research with faculty.

New York University

Founded in 1831, New York University is located in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village.    Because of its location in the center of New York City culture, NYU has always been influenced by artists and intellectuals.  Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, Bob Dylan, and Dylan Thomas have all left their mark.  Life at NYU is life right in the center of things.

Undergraduate students at New York University are guaranteed housing during their entire enrollment at NYU.  Good thing, too, since housing in New York City is at a premium.  NYU has the seventh largest university housing system in the United States, and not surprisingly most of the residence halls are converted large apartment complexes of old hotels.  

This makes the living situation eclectic, historical, and interesting.

Most of the rooms have their own kitchens and a lot of living space, a rarity for campus housing at most institutions

Life in the Big City

NYU’s greatest resource is New York City itself.  In a way, the entire city is your campus.  Just like many graduates of NYU, you can use the city to launch a great career.  Just ask Allen Greenspan, an NYU alumnus and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

You can get involved by volunteering with international charitable organizations.  You can get a latte at a Greenwich Village coffee house and meet an Academy Award winning director or actress.  

What are the drawbacks to living in New York City? 

Well, an urban setting can be a challenge for the uninitiated.  Safety is a concern on any university campus, but more so when that campus is in the heart of one of the largest cities in the world.  To help students adjust, NYU has a number of initiatives.

  • F.Y.R.E. – The First Year Residential Experience groups incoming students together in select residence halls.  Students are able to develop a support network among their peers and learn about life at NYU together.
  • Commuter Assistants – Upperclassmen work with new incoming commuter students to introduce them to the NYU experience.
  • LiveWellNYU – A student/faculty initiative that focuses on wellness and prevention.  LiveWellNYU provides information, support and holds events to educate the community on how to stay healthy, safe, and enjoy the urban environment.

Bottom line, NYU puts you right in the middle of the hustle and excitement of New York City.  You will benefit from the museums, parks, cultural events, and nightlife.  You will be close to some of the most powerful people in the world.  You will also be exposed to the noise, dirt, and crime of the city.  

When you attend NYU, you experience the best and the worst the city has to offer.

Summary – The New York University Accounting Program: Location, Location, Location

Why should you trust your future to NYU’s accountancy degree? Stern offers a solid and traditional accounting curriculum wrapped inside a program that focuses primarily on finance and marketing. It is sold and traditional. But other than the research reputation of its doctoral program, there really isn’t much academically to set this program apart. 

But graduates are generally successful even so. Why? Because its huge advantage comes down to location. They take advantage of NYU’s unique location and form connections with the top firms and industry leaders in the country.   Sometimes it’s not what you know; it’s who you know that makes the difference.