Liberty University Accounting Program – Christianity At The Core

The Liberty University accounting program may seem like most of the others out there. But it’s not.

In fact, Liberty University is the largest evangelical Christian university in the world and the largest private non-profit university in the United States when you add online students to its enrollment figures.  At Liberty, spiritual issues are combined with academic instruction in every program.

What does this mean for students undertaking a Liberty University accounting program?  Accountability, discipline, and an academic community focused on faith as well as learning.

Learning and the Liberty Way

Liberty University takes spirituality and the Christian lifestyle seriously.  Students at Liberty are required to abide by a strict code of ethics and conduct known as the Liberty Way.  This code is based on an understanding of personal honor and integrity, and affects all aspects of student life.

Not only does this code provide guidance on academic and ethical issues, it touches on personal conduct.  Students are asked to abstain from use of substances such as alcohol and tobacco, and must abide by an established dress code.  

Online students agree to a code of standards and ethics regarding the use of computers – including personal of social media, entertainment media, and other non-academic websites.  All students are expected to share a Christian perspective in their work and personal lives.

Christian principles are a part of instruction at Liberty.  These concepts touch the learning material in courses you might not expect, such as mathematics, history, and language.  Science is taught from a Christian perspective, including a creationist viewpoint rather than a focus on evolution.

Multiple Accounting Degree Choices

The Liberty University accounting program is extensive in the choices that it gives you.  Unlike many other online programs, you are not limited to a Bachelor or Master program.

You can earn an Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting or an Associate of Arts in Accounting if you like, and then apply your coursework to a Bachelor of Science in Accounting if you choose.

At an advanced level, you can pursue a Master of Science in Accounting (M.S.A) or select a Master of Business Administration with a cognate in Accounting.  And if you‘re after a doctorate then there’s always the Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A) with the Accounting cognate. 

All accounting programs at Liberty are available on campus or online. 

What will you learn?  You’ll gain a solid foundation on accounting principles and theory, as well as an understanding of business communication and technology.
As part of Liberty University accounting program, you’ll also be presented with common challenges you’ll find on the job.  The goal is to give you a perspective on ethical dilemmas and train you to deal with these issues from a moral and biblical perspective.  You’ll be taught how to apply these ethics to management practices and how to integrate your personal faith into a professional environment.

Academic Standards and Quality

Does the application of Christian faith issues detract from a focus on academic quality?  It would seem that Liberty is able to balance moral and intellectual training easily.  USA Today ranks Liberty at #89 within the Regional South, and places its online program at #109 out of 860.

Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and receives the highest marks available for academic quality within the SACS.  There is no shadow of controversy around academic quality; Liberty remains highly regarded.

Not Exactly Controversy Free

While academics are not an issue, political and social issues are sources of controversy. 

Liberty’s Christian philosophy includes a conservative political and social viewpoint.  This position creates conflict from time to time.  At one point, student groups were banned from campus for expressing a political or social opinion that differed from the school itself.  Student groups at Liberty are now independent and not sanctioned by the school in any way.

Liberty teaches a creationist view of biology.  This view has been highly criticized in the greater academic community.  Liberty stands strong, however, refusing to compromise its perspective or the material it teaches. 

Student Experiences and Reviews

Students attending Liberty are sometimes surprised to find Christian topics in their mathematics course material.  Others are pleased and feel at home in this type of community.  Most comments suggest prospective students consider their goals carefully and become familiar with the culture at Liberty before enrolling.

While Liberty says it encourages debate and dialogue, students tell a different story.  A conservative viewpoint is expected, and if you have more liberal views you may be excluded from social events or even suffer academically.  

Make no mistake; Liberty is a conservative place with a conservative world view.  The culture will either feel comfortable and reassuring or frustrating.

Is The Liberty University Accounting Program For You?

The Liberty University accounting program offers a solid education in accounting at many degree levels.  The instruction is challenging and balanced with practical experience and professional ethics.  You have the opportunity at Liberty to develop a strong foundation in accounting.  

Regardless of the academic experience, however, you must carefully consider the culture at Liberty.  There’s no room for compromise.  Your decision to join the community must be personal at the deepest level.