12 Job Interview Tips To Help You Land An Accounting Job

Let’s give you some job interview tips that have stood the test of time. Accounting jobs are no different from any other career out there. And it doesn’t matter whether you are an accounting clerk, an auditor or a CFO. The same rules apply. 

If you turn up looking like Charles Manson or Justin Bieber and start then you can forget about that job. Ain’t going to happen.

Here’s our twelve simple but very important ways to both prepare and actually carry out a job interview:

  1. Who Are They? You’d be amazed that candidates don’t do this but you must do your background research on the Company you’re about to have an interview with. Doh! The internet is packed full of information on even the smallest of companies.

    But let’s say you can’t find anything at all. Then ask friends, family, people who used to work there, people who still work there or a local business chamber. Use your initiative. Or ask the employment agency you may have found the role through.

    If you trundle into the interview and your potential employers asks what you know about the company and you say “Not A Lot” they will be thoroughly unimpressed. 

  2. Details, Details…Details. OK, so Tip 1 is obvious but what exactly should you be looking for?

    - What market are they in? Is it national or local?

    - What are their main products and services? Can you go buy some of them to get a real “touch & feel” thing going.

    - What do they stand for? Are they an ethical company? Do they practice green initiatives? Are they active in the community? Do they sponsor events that you think are worthwhile. Always remember that your definition of being ethical will differ from the next persons. We’ve worked with people who’ve gone on to large tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. Many people would be horrified at that. But many aren’t.

  3. Practice does make perfect. Remember those piano lessons you hated but turned out to be the best way to learn? OK, bad choice? But job interviewing is absolutely no different. It takes practice and you should jump at any opportunities that you get. So, even if an employment agency calls you about a role that you’re not that interest in but you like the company, then our advice would be to go along anyway. It’s not to waste any one’s time but once you’re in there you never know what’s going to happen. Another role can be brought up. It happens all the time. And in the meantime you get some real experience.

  4. Look Professional. Again our job interview tips are obvious and again you’d be horrified at what’ve we seen drag themselves through the entrance. You must look presentable. Depending on your gender that means hair is in place, you’ve not overdone the make-up, you’ve not sprayed yourself with a bottle of “Old Spice”, you’re clean shaved, your tie is in place, your shoes are polished, your dress is business attire and not a party frock…you get the picture.

  5. But what if THEY are dressed casual? Even if the company you’re potentially going to work for has a very casual dress code do NOT fall into the trap of turning up to the interview in the same fashion. The only exception is if they tell you to do so in case staff think the IRS have turned up with the dark suits!

  6. Ask Questions. Now, of all the job interview tips we’re throwing out, here’s one that befuddles us every time we see a candidate who doesn’t follow it. You must come prepared to ask questions. “What?” you say. Surely Not. Surely Yes. We’ve seen many candidates who don’t ask questions. It’s truly woeful. Don’t do it. You have got be an interested candidate with a curious mind. But of course make sure your questions are relevant, to the point and don’t go overboard.

  7. Don’t Be A Wet Fish. Don’t get involved in the dreaded limp handshake scenario. Be firm without breaking someone’s hand. But be firm. It’s a huge insight to someone if they can’t even muster enough decency to give you a decent handshake. You’ve been warned.

  8. The Eyes Have It. Always..always maintain good eye contact. If you can’t then the interviewer will simply not be able to put any trust in you whatsoever. It’s basic human interaction.

  9. Smile. You are happy to be there? Right? Well make sure that you’re clear about that. Don’t come across as miserable and pessimistic. Huge turn-off.

  10. Sit Up Straight. Who likes a slouch. Nobody. Who wants to employ a slouch? Nobody. Remember what your teachers and parents taught you. Don’t slouch.

  11. Don’t Interrupt. Basic conversation manners apply at all times. If the interviewer is on a roll don’t cut them off. Even if you’re getting bored. Wait till they are finished and then ask your question or make your point. But don’t tell them that you were bored.

  12. And In The End. No job interview tips would be complete without covering off what you do when the interview is finished. If you really liked the role then tell the interviewer just that. But be sincere and don’t grovel. 

So, our job interview tips are focused on you being three things:

  • Prepared.
  • Looking Professional.
  • Confident.
  • Somebody YOU would want to work with

Do those and you’ll be 95 % ahead of the competition.