Gleim CPA Review – A Great Option for the Self-Motivated

Gleim CPA Review is an affordably priced course designed for self-study.  You are probably familiar with the name as this review course is often recommended by accounting professors.  Why?    

Professors like Gleim because of its extensive and detailed content and reputation for success. 

The question, though, is a personal one.  Will this review course give you the success you need to pass the CPA Exam, hopefully the first time?  It depends on you and your learning style.  Gleim is not for everyone.  

Gleim’s Methodology

This course is a self-study program with multiple learning options all in one package.  Similar to many other programs, you get study books, testing software, and an audio review that summarizes each section of the material. 

Instead of video or live lectures, Gleim offers a weekly Professor-led Review which again summarizes the material you’ve learned on your own.

Let’s look at what makes Gleim unique.

  • Personal Counselor:  As a Gleim student, you will have access to a personal counselor online.  You will work with your counselor to develop a personalized study plan that helps you target your efforts where you most need review.
  • Simulation Wizard:  This simulation tool lets you practice the task based simulations in depth.  You will have access to 20 simulations per unit, rather than a total of 20 – the standard for other courses.  If you are concerned about the simulation portion of the exam, you have ample practice here.
  • Practice Questions:  The test prep software has over 8000 practice questions.  Compare that to the 4000 or so offered by most other courses, and you see an immediate advantage.  You can really drill into areas of weakness and practice until you are confident of mastery.

This course is based on the same practical information as Wiley CPA Review.  In fact, Dr. Gleim wrote the system that eventually became Wiley and continued to co-author it for years after Wiley took over publishing it in 1980.  You don’t have to be concerned with quality of content, this course offers the best available.

Are You A Candidate for Self-Study?

This review course will demand a lot of dedication and motivation from you.  Are you able to keep yourself focused and on track with your personalized study schedule?  If you are, Gleim has the potential of working well for you. 

The textbooks are overwhelming if you use them as a primary guide.  Every possible angle is covered and the writing style is dry.  Accounting is a dry topic anyway, but other courses try and present the material in simplified language to help you move through it.  Gleim doesn’t do this.  Instead the texts are meant as a reference for you when you need additional information.

To use this course effectively, you must listen to the overview lectures and begin tackling the practice problems.  As you encounter areas where you need more information for understanding you then turn to the text and read the portions that apply to your problem area.  

As you can see, Gleim is most effective when you can direct your own study according to your results.  That’s not for everyone.

Pricing and Guarantee

The entire Gleim CPA Review system is offered at $989.  That’s amazingly affordable compared to programs like Becker CPA Review.  Gleim also offers a 10% discount if you are currently a student.  This fee entitles you to system access for 18 months.  Any updates during that time are free.

What if you don’t pass the entire exam in that timeframe?  If you don’t pass a section you can request continued access for that section by contacting your Personal Counselor.  You will need to verify that you completed at least 90% of the course, sat for that portion of the exam within 9 months of purchase, and submit your grade report.  

If you would like your money back the process is basically the same, although you must have purchased the entire system to qualify.  If you purchase the online portion alone (an option offered on the website) you do not qualify for a refund.

If you purchase the entire system and for some reason do not sit all sections of the exam at least once during the 18 month window you will unfortunately have to purchase again.  There is no discount for repeat purchases.

Gleim CPA Review – A Good Value Option

Gleim CPA Review has excellent content at a reasonable price.  It’s good value for you, as long as you are willing to work rather independently and maintain focus.  

Given the 18 month window, you might be wise to purchase each section individually rather than as a four section package.

By doing this you can work with the materials until you feel you’re ready to sit the exam without the pressure of a looming deadline.