ExamMatrix CPA Review Course – Buyer Beware

ExamMatrix CPA Review Course has the distinction of being the first computer based review course.  Developed nearly twenty years ago, the course has been updated extensively.  The costs are still quite low, comparatively. 

 You can purchase the entire course for under $1,000.  Despite the low cost, however, be careful before you trust ExamMatrix with all of your exam preparation.

Computer Based Learning

ExamMatrix offers a pass guarantee.  You are, theoretically, able to get a full refund of the purchase price if you don’t pass the CPA exam.  There are just a few simple requirements you must meet.

  • See and answer all the objective questions correctly at least once.
  • Spend at least one minute on each objective question.
  • Spend at least fifteen minutes on each task based simulation.
  • Spend at least twenty minutes on each practice essay question.
  • Take the exam within one year of your date of purchase.
  • Score at least 50% on the portion of the exam you did not pass.
  • Send your progress files (record of study time spent) by certified mail to ExamMatrix with a postmark within seven days of sitting the exam.
  • Send official notice of your score along with a letter requesting a refund or update.

Hopefully you will know your score within seven days so you can mail in your study progress files.  Hopefully you can also prove your score officially within that timeframe.  If you are able to meet all these conditions, you will get a refund or a free update.  

Of course, you must also have purchased the package at the full price allowing for a promotional discount.  If you received an institutional discount or purchased the software from a reseller you may not qualify for a guarantee. 

Cautions and Drawbacks

Former students are the best judge of any CPA review course.  They’ve purchased it, worked with the company, and have exam results as a basis for analysis.  Like most courses, the ExamMatrix CPA review course gives pass rates without explaining how they are calculated.  We prefer to rely on user feedback in our analysis.  Here are some words of caution from former students.

  • Inconsistent Content - While this course provides adequate preparation for one section of the exam (REG) students consistently report it is not sufficient for the other three sections of the exam.  The material goes in depth on issues that don’t appear on the exam and glosses over others that are prominently tested.
  • Confusing - The content is presented in a way that is confusing to many students.  The written explanations included with the practice tests were difficult to understand as well as the written content of the textbooks. 
  • Had to Supplement - Very few students were successful with just ExamMatrix alone.  Most added the Wiley test bank or video lectures from another review course in order to pass.
  • Guarantee - This money back guarantee has so many requirements that students found it challenging to receive a refund.  Most gave up trying.

The ExamMatrix CPA Review Course – Our Final Thoughts

The ExamMatrix CPA Review course is a low cost alternative for your test preparation, and for some people it is an effective tool.  The inconsistency of the material offered and confusing presentation method are a huge concern, however.

Don’t be tempted by the low cost of purchase.

When you factor in the cost of supplementing with other courses or retaking the exam itself, ExamMatrix is simply not a good value.