CPA Excel – Is it the CPA Exam Review Course for You?

The CPA Excel review course is an affordable and effective review option.  The course makes the most of technology, offering planning, tracking, and study scheduling features, online streaming video, and even an iPad app.

Let’s Talk About Pass Rates

Most of the CPA Exam review courses advertise pass rates.  CPA Excel is no exception, citing an average 87% pass rate for students who completed the course between 2004 and the fourth quarter 2011. 

This is significantly higher than the 47% average pass rate of candidates overall which is reported by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA.)

However, it is different from the other courses because they not only give the pass rate they discuss how they calculated it.  

We don’t trust statistics we can’t verify and neither should you.

CPA Excel surveys candidates who’ve completed the course and asks their scores.  They get a significant response because they offer a contest as a reward for responding.  The transparency of their process gives credibility to their claims.

Technology Not Live Classes

There are no live classes with CPA Excel.  In fact, the entire program is cafeteria style.  You choose the options you want and only pay for them, not other options you won’t use.  

  • Core Study Materials – This foundational component has all the practice exam questions, the study planner, simulations, study content, and diagnostic tools that are part of the course.

  • Textbooks & Ebooks – If you prefer to hold a book in your hands, highlight important passages, and take notes textbooks are available in hardcover or as printable ebooks.

  • Video Lectures – Lectures are available on DVD or online and include printable power point slides so you can review the material more than once or take notes right on the slides.

  • Professor Mentoring – Accounting experts are available, if you purchase this option, to work with you one on one and answer your questions via email and live online chat. 

The entire program, if you purchase every option for all four sections is $1,800.  This is an affordable option compared to the other review courses out there.

The lowest cost option, the core study materials alone, is available for $915.  Ordering on the website can be a little confusing, so make sure you are selecting the best combination of materials for your learning style.

Why Choose CPA Excel?

One of the best ways to evaluate a CPA review course is to read the reviews of former students.  After all, they’ve dug in and used the course.  They have the best perspective on its strengths and shortcomings.  

According to student feedback, these are the reasons you should choose CPA Excel:

  • Guarantee – The guarantee policy is simple.  You have unlimited access to the course materials – including updates – until one year after you pass the exam.  There is no catch, gimmick, or additional fee.  The guarantee means you can study at your own pace and even take a several month break from studying without penalty.

  • Bite Sized Study Units – The study material is organized in 30 minute sections.  The lectures are 30 minutes long and the textbook and core materials are organized in small sections.  This is perfect if you work full time and want to study on your lunch break or have family obligations that keep you from studying for long periods of time at once. 

  • Easily Absorbed – Because the material is organized into small chunks, it’s easier for the average student to absorb.  You can focus on a small piece of the material and master it before moving on. Live classes require you to absorb 4 – 8 hours of material at once.

  • Technology – The core study materials include a tracker that records the time you spend studying and develops a study plan for you based on your progress and your exam date.  The evaluation technology is first rate as well.  Students liked knowing their level of mastery and where to focus their study efforts.  The iPad app was a bonus for some, as well.

CPA Excel Review – A Great Option

Learning style is really the primary consideration with CPA Excel.  It’s a great option for those who learn best from either self-study or video lecture.  

With the guarantee, there’s really no risk.  You can simply work with the materials until you pass the entire exam, a key differentiator of the course. 

If you need interaction in a live classroom setting, however, the professor mentoring option may not be what you need to confidently face the exam.