Get Your Accounting Degree Online with Bryant & Stratton College 

Taking your accounting degree online with Bryant & Stratton College is now possible since they added it to their curriculum in 2011, building on a long history of offering business education.  Both Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Accounting are available to students online.

Earning an Accounting Degree Online at Bryant & Stratton

Are these accounting programs worthy of your consideration?  Let’s find out.

Bryant & Stratton College has a long history of providing business education. Famous entrepreneurs Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller were graduates of Bryant & Stratton (then Folsom’s Commercial College) in the 19th Century.  

Recently, Bryant & Stratton added accounting to the business related degree program it offers both on campus and online.  The Associate in Accounting Degree is focused on preparing students for bookkeeping and entry level accounting roles in business and industry.  Focused on career learning, the coursework includes technical and analytical skills needed to track financial information and facilitate sound business decisions.

The Bachelor of Accounting program offers a more extensive look at accounting theory and practice, preparing students for staff accounting, audit, analyst, and accounting manager positions in both business and non-profit settings.  

The emphasis is on practical accounting and management.  Students learn accounting as well as general business skills such as operations management and strategic planning.  After graduation, students are prepared to enter the business world and compete for various accounting positions.  

Graduates are not prepared for a career in public accounting, however.  Bryant & Stratton College is a career skills based institution, and does not offer the type of training and education needed for a career as a Certified Public Accountant.  

Will an online program really benefit you?

Will taking an accounting degree online deliver results? Good question.  It’s really too early to tell.  Since the program was added only a few years ago, there’s not enough data to establish a strong track record of results.  

In general, Bryant & Stratton has an established record of success.  Over 87% of graduates of non-health related Bachelor Degree programs find work in their chosen field.  The results for health related degrees are even higher.  Hopefully accounting graduates will enjoy similar statistics.

The school is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  This level of accreditation indicates high academic standards.  It also means credits earned here will transfer to most other educational institutions without difficulty.

The admissions process, while not strict, is personal.  Potential students are personally interviewed by admissions staff to determine their fit with the school itself.  Students are also asked to provide an essay on their application explaining their reasons for applying and their academic goals.  

Once a good fit is determined, students are accepted as long as they have completed a high school diploma or GED.  Students then take placement exams in mathematics and language and may have to complete a series of pre-college courses before beginning their degree programs.

Controversy, Complaints and Bryant & Stratton College

 Like many for-profit colleges and universities, Bryant & Stratton College has experienced some controversy.  In 2008, The Advocacy Group, LLC (located in Cleveland, Ohio) presented allegations of discrimination and unfair practices within the academic processes at Bryant & Stratton College.

These allegations stemmed from complaints that students were unfairly given failing grades for minor issues, not placed on academic probation prior to dismissal, and were discriminated against based on racial preference or status.  The allegations never resulted in criminal or civil proceedings, but were satisfactorily addressed by the college.

Students continue to complain about the academic discipline policies of the college.  They mention some students being allowed to revise coursework and resubmit with no grade penalty while others are not.  They complain of failing grades due to faculty dislike of particular students.  Common complaints include being tested on information never presented in course materials or in lecture. 

Online Students Praise the Learning Environment

While the program for taking an accounting degree online (and the overall program) is relatively new, the online learning processes are well established. Online learning is interactive at Bryant & Stratton, giving students the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and faculty from a distance.

Online courses use streaming video lecture, discussion boards, and student online forums to encourage participation and engagement.  Rather than studying alone from course materials, students work on group projects and actively discuss interesting topics covered in class. 

The college provides a virtual library students can access to research topics, supplement course materials, and use study aids.  Student success is measured through not only testing, but also participation, papers and reports, and group presentations and projects.  

Earning an Associate or Bachelor Degree in Accounting at Bryant & Stratton College 

Will taking the accounting degree online meet Bryant & Stratton’s academic standards?  Everything indicates it will.  While you will not be ready for public accounting, you can expect to receive a quality accounting education and graduate prepared to enjoy a successful career in business.