What Could Put You Off The University of Notre Dame Accounting Degree Program?

The University of Notre Dame accounting degree program could be your ideal choice if you’re looking for a school whose philosophies and high standards of ethics, morals and principles align with your own exemplary standards. Don’t care for the Greek social life that dominates at other schools? Well read on…

The University of Notre Dame: Facts and Figures

The University of Notre Dame is an independent catholic university located near the town of South Bend, Indiana, 90 miles east of Chicago. Around 12,000 students are enrolled in the university, and while religious affiliation is not a criterion for admittance, 80% of students identify as being Catholic.

As their mission states, the university promotes an environment where “ the various lines of Catholic thought may intersect with all the forms of knowledge found in the arts, sciences, professions, and every other area of human scholarship and creativity.”

Notre Dame was founded in 1842 by a French priest, Rev Edward Sorin, and was named after “Our Lady” (ie the Virgin Mary) in the Reverend’s native tongue. The university’s Main Hall, containing the majority of the college, burnt down in 1879 when a fire swept through grounds.

"I came here as a young man and dreamed of building a great university in honor of Our Lady," Rev Sorin said. "But I built it too small, and she had to burn it to the ground to make the point. So, tomorrow, as soon as the bricks cool, we will rebuild it, bigger and better than ever."

With words like those, it’s little wonder then that Notre Dame’s nickname is the Fighting Irish…

Mendoza College of Business

The University of Notre Dame accounting degree program is offered through the Mendoza College of Business, one of the country’s most highly rated and selective business schools. The accounting program is particularly esteemed, ranking fourth in the US News and World Report rankings.

In addition to accounting, Mendoza offers a comprehensive range of business degrees, including a number of executive education courses.

Mendoza Accounting Undergraduate Program

Mendoza’s undergraduate program was ranked first by BusinessWeek for the fourth consecutive year in 2013. The program is termed a Bachelor of Business Administration, with accountancy one of the four majoring options available along with Finance, Management and Marketing.

Mendoza Accounting Master’s Program

It’s when you get to the Mendoza graduate programs that things get a bit more interesting. The college offers a Master of Science in Accounting, which enables students to choose from either the financial reporting and assurance stream or the tax stream.

If you’re all set for a career in audit, corporate finance or financial services, the former is the better option, while if you’re looking to work in an area that requires specialist taxation knowledge, clearly the latter is your best bet.

Interestingly, and perhaps fitting in with the university’s community service-based philosophy, Mendoza is the only top business school to offer a Master of Non-Profit Administration, a degree designed to advance business leadership and managerial skills for people working for not-for-profit organisations.

The University of Notre Dame accounting degree program does not include a doctorate course. 

If you’re looking to continue on to the CPA, the university advises that prospective candidates seek advice from their in-house specialist prior to selecting their course.

The University of Notre Dame Accounting Degree Program: Summary

One thing’s for sure about the Fighting Irish alumni: they’re amongst the most passionate and parochial in the land about their school. Actually, there’s another thing: they’ve received a damn good education. Add to that a picturesque campus and an extensive study abroad program, and there’s a compelling case why Notre Dame is about as good as it gets.

But, and this is a big but – Notre Dame is not for everyone. Many students can’t handle the Catholic vibe and find it too homogenous, conservative, over-bearing and old-fashioned. A bit like the mother who can’t admit her kids have grown up. 

So if you’re the type that will always put up with your mom despite her shortcomings, then The University of Notre Dame accounting degree program will be right up your alley.