Lambers CPA Review Course is Affordable and Comprehensive

The Lambers CPA Review Course is a traditional and comprehensive option to consider.  Thousands of students have used this course to prepare for the CPA Exam since 1966.  All of this history speaks for itself.  They must be doing something right.  We’ll give you the information to determine if Lambers is the right course for you

A Question of Learning Style

Have you investigated your learning style?  Understanding how you learn best is a crucial factor in determining which CPA review course gives you the best chance of success.  While most of them offer a variety of learning options, most have one or two options that really stand out from the competition.

Lambers offers an audio course that is one of the best in the industry.  If you are an auditory learner, this is a key differentiator.

The audio course is available on CD or MP3, making it convenient to take with you on your smartphone or electronic device. 

You listen to hours of professors working through hundreds of problems and questions.  The explanation alone is excellent, especially if you learn best this way.

There are video lectures available if you prefer visuals, graphics, and watching a professor explain key points.  The lectures are solid with experts presenting highly relevant material.  There are no highly energetic or charismatic lecturers, though.  If you are looking for an entertaining lecturer you’re better off with another course.  

Unfortunately, live lectures are also not available.  You’ll have to look elsewhere if classroom time is important to you.

Material Quality

Your goal is passing the CPA Exam.  Regardless of your learning style, the material presented in a review course must be adequate to meet your goal.  The Lambers CPA review course has a unique philosophy that bases instruction on case studies and illustrations rather than simply giving theory.  Let’s see how this course measures up against the others.

  • Textbooks:  The written content of this course is developed by the lecturers themselves.  While comprehensive, more weight is given to topics which historically cause a problem for students.  This is truly a review course, designed to prepare you for the exam.  If you are looking for a course to give you foundational accounting knowledge, this may not be the best fit.
  • Lecture Time:  There are 132 hours of video lectures, more than most other courses.  Why?  The lectures spend extra time explaining complex issues and areas where students typically struggle.  There’s not a lot of fluff, just good experiential teaching.
  • Practice Questions: Delivered via software, there are 4300 practice questions and simulations in the same format as the actual exam.  The questions are difficult, but not as comprehensive as the Wiley material. 

Since the material is 100% tied to the exam, you can study efficiently.  If a topic is not relevant to the exam, it is simply not covered.  The instruction time is spent discussing actual scenarios that could appear on the exam and strategies for working simulations. 

Costs and Guarantee

Lambers is a very affordable option.  At $1,200 it is one of the least expensive guided review courses available.  The software updates automatically every time you open it, so you always have the most recent set of practice questions available.  Your purchase includes free video updates for one year and a discount on updates after that.  Textbooks are not eligible for update.

You are guaranteed your money back if you do not pass the exam.  You must fail a module twice to get a full refund, but there are no additional requirements.  This is one of the best and easiest guarantees of its kind.  Other courses require you to verify study time and practice test results.  Once you submit proof of your test results and return your materials, Lambers will simply refund your money.

Lambers CPA Review Course – You Decide

Former students aren't saying much about Lambers CPA Review Course.  Normally this might be a concern, but in this case it seems silence equals satisfaction.  Certainly this course is not flashy, but it offers solid preparation. The lectures are a bit boring, but focused on giving students a strong foundation for success. 

If you are an auditory learner or have a limited budget to work with, the Lambers CPA Review Course is a fine choice.Those students who want foundational accounting knowledge or live classroom instruction will be dissatisfied.